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Shree Yadunathji

Shree Yadunathji is the sixth son of Shree Vitthalnathji ‘Gusainji”. He was born on Chaitra Sud Shashthi, Ravivar, Samvat 1615 (1558 A.D.) at Devrakh Alarkpur, now known as Adel, near Prayag in UP. He was especially attached to Shree Balkrishnaji, who was the third son of Shree Gusainji. When he was 15, he married Shree Maharani Bahuji (Samvat 1630) and had 5 sons and one daughter. The names of the sons were Shree Madhusudanji, Shree Ramchandraji, Shree Jagannathji, Shree Balkrishnaji, Shree Gopinathji and the daughter’s name was Shree Damayantiji. Shree Yadunathji, like his father Shree Gusainji, was heavily inclined towards education and had not only studied the religious text but also ayurveda, a form of ancient Indian practice in medicine. He visited Gujarat in Samvat 1658 (1601 A.D.). It was there

that he completed his book on Shree Mahaprabhuji at Chandod situated on the banks of river Narmada. The book is known as Shree Vallabhdigvijaya and is thought to be the oldest text on Shree Mahaprabhuji. When Shree Gusainji decided to organize propagation of Pushtimarg, he divided his wealth of Seven Swaroops (Deity) amongst his seven sons. Shree Yadunathji has a very small swaroop of Shree Balkrishna Prabhu and asked Gusainji that how shall he be able to serve such a small tiny swaroop. Shree Balkrishnaji, the third son of Shree Gusainji, gently and mildly replied to Shree Gusainji that “I love my borther Shree Yadunathji very much and we two brothers like to live together and we have decided to lilve together till we leave the world and will also perform the Bhagawat Seva in the company of each other, if you allow us to serve Shree Dwarikadhish Prabhu and Shree Balkrishna Prabhu together. Seeing that it would be quite convenient to put Shree Balkrishna Prabhu in Palana as in Hindola, because the swaroop of Shree Dwarikadhish Prabhu is big. Shree Gusainji acceped the proposal of both. Shree Yadunathji has a divine inclination towards the swaroop of Shree Kalyanraiji Prabhu and he always used to perform seva. Later on Shree Yadunathji inherited the swaroop of Shree Kalyanraiji Prabhu in Samvat 1640. Shree Kalyanraiji Prabhu was later on served by his eldest son Shree Madhusudanji. In Samvat 1660 (1603 A.D)Shree Yadunathi left the world and went to Shree Thakorji and be a part of Nitya Leela.