Pushti Margiya Vaishnav Samaj Inc
Pushtidham Haveli (Ocala Fl)

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Jai Shree Krishna



PushtiMarg Fundamentals

1. The Shrimad Bhagavad Gita is the main scripture. It describes the path of devotion.

2. Shree Nathji, a manifestation of Lord Krishna, is God.

3. Devotees must have selfless love and humility towards Shree Nathji and all humanity.

4. A devotee must instill his devotion for Shree Nathji in all endeavors.

5. A devotee must be content with whatever Shree Nathji makes of him/her.


  • It (Pushtimarg) is spontaneous, selfless & motiveless love for God.
  • It is based on pure love for God.
  • It is expressed only through service of God - "Seva".
  • It is love after realising God's true nature.
  • The knowledge gained is not a means of liberation.
  • Liberation, is considered secondary to the enjoyment of God's bliss.
  • Its aim is God's happiness.
  • No caste, creed, color, sex or age prevents one from attaining God's Grace.
  • It does not know any boundaries, be it time, place or anything else.
  • It does not require a devotee to give up a householder's life. In fact, one can serve Him better, by being a householder. This is different from other philosophies that require a life of contemplation as a monk.
  • All the worldly desires are diverted towards God, they are then not required to be suppressed.
  • World is not looked down upon but is treated as God's creation and thus as real as God himself.
  • Shri Krishna is the Supreme God, all the other deities reside in his form. Therefore total faith is placed in Shri Krishna alone.
  • In the state of liberation the entity of the devotee merges into *God's blissful form, but in Bhakti (especially Pushti bhakti) the devotee does not seek liberation but he enjoys God's bliss by participating in it as a separate divine entity.