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Shree Kalyanraiji Prabhu 'Shashthpeeth'

Introduction -

Shree Kalyanraiji Prabhu, presently “resides” in Vadodara, in the family of Shree Yadunathji the sixth son of Shree Gusainji. Shree Kalyanraji is an image of Treasure-Nidhi Swarup. He is also known as Mohini Swaroop. It is important that the Vaishnav community understands and appreciates the circumstances in which Shree Kalyanraji appeared and the reason why he made Vadodara his “Home”.

Shree Kalyanraiji’s Message and Shree Kalyani Devi’s Worship -

There was a Saraswat Brahmin named Babavenu, his friends, Krushnadas Ghaghri and Yadav Indradas Khavas, were all Devi-worshippers. Prabhushree looked upon all the three with favor and three estranged souls were accepted back into the fold. Shri Thakorji appeared in Babavenu’s dream and said, “ I am Kalyani Devi, and I am under the waters of the lake in this village. Take me out and worship me.” Babavenu talked about his dream to Krushnadas. Both descended into the lake and Shri Thakorji appeared as Kalyani Devi. With whatever material resources he had, Babavenu built a small temple on the lake banks and established the image of Kalyani Devi in the temple. The villagers slowly began to be attracted towards Kalyani Devi and began to worship her. They prayed to her to solve their problems, seek her blessings, believed in her, had faith in her divine power. She fulfilled their wishes and her devotees grew. From the offerings of her devotees, Babavenu and his two friends earned their living. In this way five years passed.

The Deliverer of the Godly Beings :- In the form of Shree Kalyanraji

Once Shree Vallabhacharya was travelling from Kashi to Adel. On the way, he stopped to rest under Mango tree here near a temple of Shree Kalyani Devi. Babavenu and his two friends had gone to a near village. Shree Kalyanraiji in the form of Shree Kalyani Devi appeared to Shree Vallabhacharyaji and told him why are you sitting so far away? Come and sit inside the temple. “When he did as he was commanded by Shree Thakorji, he was amazed to find Thakorji wearing feminine clothes like the saree. He asked Shree Thakorji, “ Why are you in the form of a Devi? “ Thakorji replied, “What can I do? In this village, nobody acknowledges Shree Thakorji. Babavenu and others worship me since they are all Devi-worshippers. Now you must return me back to original form. Shree Acharyacharan removed the saree and other feminine clothes, and tearing the saree made a Dhoti from it. Then he dressed Shree Thakorji and he went and sat under the mango tree.

The Release of the Divine Souls -

No sooner had he done this, the three divine souls came to the temple and were surprised to see Shree Kalyanraiji Devi in male garments, Babavenu understood that somebody must have definitely come here to change the Devi’s clothing. At this moment, Shree Thakorji appeared to Babavenu and commended, “ Do not touch me. I am Shree Kalyanraiji Thakorji”. Babavenu replied, “ In this village nobody worships Shree Thakorji. What fault have I committed that you command me not to touch you ?” Shree Kalyanraiji said, “ Under the nearby mango tree, there sits Acharyacharan Mahaprabhuji, go and serve him even if the rest of the villagers do not believe in Shree Thakorji, do not bother with them. In the store in your home Rs. 700 are buried. Bring them out and with that money, serve me. Now go forth and serve the Acharyashree”.

The Bliss Of Divine Favor -

The three divine souls came to shree Acharyacharanji. & said, “Maharajshri, Please accept us as your servant-devotees, “with full sanders of repentance in their hearts which ached with separation from the Lord. Shree Acharyaji asked them to bathe & take the Brahamasabhandh Diksha. He said, “ Take Shree Kalyanraiji to your homes and quietly, worship him, establish a devi image in the temple. Appoint a Brahmin to do the pooja rituals in the temple. Do not accept anything from the Devi Pooja. Only accept the “Prasad” of the offerings you make to Shree Thakorji. Babavenu requested Shree Acharyaji to please visit his residence, stay there for a while and explain the “Seva” rituals. Shree Acharyaji And Shree Kalyanraiji went to Babavenu’s home, Babavenu offered Rs. 700 from his store to Shree Acharyaji. Shree Acharayaji told him, “From this money manage the “Seva” rituals. Keep complete faith in Shree Thakorji,” After staying at Babavenu’s house for five days, Shree Acharyaji bathed Shree Kalyanraiji in Panchamrita leaving Shree Kalyanraiji in the care of Babavenu and Krushnadas, and explaining the rituals of the pushtimarg, Shri Acharyaji left for Adel. The parting blessing was, “Do as Shree Thakorji Commands you to.”

The Acceptance of the Divine Souls -

One day shree Kalyaraiji commanded the three of them to go and seek the “Darshan” of Shree Govardhanraiji. Babavenu then asked him, “ Where will you reside, if all of us go away ? “Shree Kalyanraiji answered that I will reside with the 2 brothers of Krushnadas. Babavenu called these brothers who accepted Brahma Sambandh from Shri Acharyacharan at Adel, became Vaishnavas and explained to them extreme good fortune. He advised them to serve the Lord in their care with faith and sincerity. This house now belongs to you, he said to them, since all of us are going to Vraj and we will never return since that appears to be Will of the Lord. Saying this, all three of them left.

They reached Mathura and went for “Darshan” to Shree Keshvraiji’s temple. As he was praying, Krushnadas had a divine vision of Shree Goverdhandhar. As the Vision before him, he went into a trance and began singing “Kirtans” and whilst he was saying, the extreme joy caused him to give up his body as his souls became one with the Lord. Babavenu and Yadevendradas cremated his mortal remains.

From Mathura, Babavenu and Yadevendradas climbed to Shree Girirajji, for a “Darshan” of Shrinathji, Babavenu sang kirtans at the feet of Shrinathji. A Flower garland around Shrinathji’s neck gently fell down which Babavenu accepted as divine “Prasad” along with the pan “Bida”. Babavenu fell at the Lord’s feet and at the foot of Shree Girirajji, he gave up his soul. Yadevendradas cremated his mortal body and continued his journey for Shree Gosainji’s “Darshan”. Yadevendradas in happiness offered his “Seva” but slowly sadness crept into his mind. He began to think why should I stay here? Will it not be better if I go where Babavenu has gone? But then who will cremate me? If any vaishnav does it, then it is am impediment in his “Seva”, so I cannot allow that. Then he made up his mind. After taking “Darshan” of Shrinathji, he went to the forest where he began collecting dry retags and wooden branches. After a few days of doing this, he had collected enough for his own cremation. So one day after taking “Darshan” of Shrinathji doing “Dandavat Pranam” of Shree Gosainji, and repeating the Vaishnav Bhagvad to himself, he lit his own cremation pyre and, after doing “Dandavat Pranam” to ShreeNathji’s flag, he climbed the pyre and sat down. Thus repeating Shri Gosainiji’s Charanarvind, he left for his heavenly abode. When he heard this Shree Gosainji also sang his praises.

In this way, whenever Shree Thakorji is pleased with his devotees. He himself frees them from life’s dark and material bindings and blesses them with spiritual knowledge, and the treasures of his “Pushti”.

In the meanwhile Krushnadas brother continued the “Seva” of Shree Thakorji & then left for the residence of Shree Gosainji, Shree Gosainji’s children undertook the “Seva” of Shree Kalyanraiji with fill Samvat 1636, Shree Gosainji decided, for the first time, to distribute his godly responsibilities. He offered Shree Balkrishnalalji to Shree Yadunathji (Samvat 1612). But Shree Yadunathji did not want to accept this minor Swaroop (In terms of the Rasamandala- Since he belongs to the second Rasamandala). Shree Gosainji’s third son also called Shree Blakrishnaji requested Shree Balkrishnaji from Shri Gosainji.

After this in Samvat 1640, there was distribution for the second time. Shree Kalyanraiji Swaroop was offered to and accepted by Shree Yadunathji as per Shree Madhusudanji’s wishes.

Shree Yadunathji (Samvat 1612) did sincere “Seva” of Shree Kalyanraiji. He spent some time at Gokul and Jatipura after that his son Shree Madhusundanji took him to Mathura (Samvat 1634) and built a temple there. Today Shree Madanmohanji is installed in this temple. Shree Madhusudanji’s son Shree Pradhumanji (Samvat 1680) and his son Shree Dwarkanathji (Samvat 1708) did the “Seva” in Mathura. Since Shree Dwarkanthji did not have a son. His younger brother Shree Vitthalnathji (Samvat 1717) took the responsibility of “Seva”.

Shree Vithalnathji had taken Shree Kalyanraiji for some time to Hydrabad. Thereafter his elder son Shree Pradhumanji (Samvat 1762) did the “Seva” this elder son Shree Yadunathji (Samvat 1783) shifted Shree Kalyanraiji from Hydrabad to Nathdwara for a short while and from there to Shergadh. In Shergadh the “Seva” was offered by Shree Gokulnathji (Samvat 1817), Shree Pradhumanji (Samvat 1836), ShreeYadunathji (Samvat 1869) and Shree Gokulnathji (Samvat 1902) since Shree Gokulnathji did not have a son, his younger brother Shree Vallabhji took the responsibility for “Seva” Shree Vallabhji also did not have a son too, so Shree Gorvardharan (samvat 1923) undertook the “Seva”. Until this time Shree Kalyanraiji was at Shergadh only. The area of Shergadh was heavily concentrated with the Dacoits and a threat to security of the temple and deity arose. The same temple was also robbed a couple of times. After feeling that this is causing trouble in the seva Shree Thakurji ,Shree Girdharji (Samvat 1967, Vaishak vad 2) brought him to Vadodara. Shree Vallabhlalji did the “Seva” since Samvat 1961.

Like his Father, Shree Vallabhlalji was also very knowledge, devoted, intelligent and even temperament. It was with his enthusiasm, and under his leadership that such a vast and beautiful Haveli of Shree Kalyanraiji was built here. After him His Vahuji, Pu. Pa. Shree Krushnavati Vahuji offered “Seva” according to the sampraday’s to Shree Kalyanraiji Prabhu.

She later adoped Shree Dwarkeshlalji Maharajshree (Present Tilakayatshree) and since then he is performing the seva of Shree Kalyanraiji prabhu. Today Shashthpeeth is not only a place of divine worship but is also a hub of many social and welfare activities, the account of which can be found in the Institution section of this website.

The “SHASHTHPEETH” Shree Kalyanraiji Mandir offers the following religious rituals -

The PushtiMarg, established by Shreemad Vallabhacharyaji Mahaprabhuji is also known as Shuddhadvait Brahmavad, in which chronologically the eldest son is enthroned & takes over the responsibility of the propagation as well as progress of the sect by giving Brahmasambandh Diksha to the followers & organizing various welfare activities for the upliftment of the social, moral and religious values of the society.

In the same manner, continuously for the past 500 years, worshipping HIS lord with the same dignity & prosperity, the Goswamy Family has embarked a unique tradition amongst Vedic Hindu Sanatan Dharma.

The Shree Kalyanraiji Mandir offers the following religious rituals -

(1) At the Shree Kalyanraiji Mandir, there are the Mathurawala Goswami Shree Prushottamlalji Maharajshree and Shree Girdharlalji’s adopter Shree Vallabhji’s Gaadiji. Char Padukaji :

(a) One belongs to Shree Mahaprabhuji,
(b) Two belong to Shree Yadunathji and
(c) One to Shree Gokulnathji.

Hastakshar (have Acharyaji) (a) Shree Mahaprabhuji (b) Shree Gosainji (c) Shree Yadunathji (d) Shree Gokulnathji. There are also (a) Shrinathji’s Angarav (b) Shrinathji’s Bahvnaji (c) Shree Swamiji’s Bhavnaji (d) Shree Mahaprabhuji’s Zaariji (e) The Upskaar of Sandhyavandan (the Zaariji and the Upskaar “Appeared” at the Naroda Baithak).

Copper Mandirs & Baithaks -

Shree Kalyanraiji Temple, Ahmedabad, Dhal Ni Pole (b) Shree Mahaprabhuji and Shree Gosainji Bethak Naroda, Ahmedabad (c) Shree Goverdhannathji’s two temples, one at Amritsar, Punjab and another at Dholaji, Saurastra. Thus in the wonderful story of Shree Kalyanraiji who himself “resides” amongst us giving Vaishnav the sublime opportunity and happiness of his, “Darshan” and “Seva” Shree Kalyanraiji’s blessing and resultant good fortune is showeredon numerous devotees even today.

We bow down before such a wondrous image of Shreve Kalyanraiji on the occasion of this Chappan Bhog Mahotsava and Pray that Shreve Kalyanraiji will always bless his devotees with happiness. Health and Wealth.