Pushti Margiya Vaishnav Samaj Inc
Pushtidham Haveli (Ocala Fl)

A not for profit corporation. Federal ID # 27-2487275
14080 South West 20th Avenue Road Ocala FL 34473

Jai Shree Krishna



Tavasmi Objectives

Religious objectives

  • To perform religious services as per teachings of Jagadguru Shree Vallabhacharya Mahaprabhuji.
  • To celebrate religious festivals in Pushti Margiya traditions.
  • To arrange religious discourses.
  • To promote interfaith harmony, and
  • Any other objective not inconsistent with the other objectives listed in this section.

Educational objectives

  • To educate children and young adults in Pushti Margiya teachings.
  • To inculcate family values and virtues of vegetarian lifestyle, free of drugs and alcohol.
  • To conduct classes in various facets of Hinduism and Indian culture, arts, cooking, languages and yoga.
  • To setup a library and to acquire books and manuscripts of Hinduism including Pushti Marg, Indian culture, Indian arts and other related topics.
  • To conduct symposiums and seminars associated with these objective.
  • To publish articles, dissertations, and periodicals associated with these objectives.
  • To create a website.
  • To encourage volunteerism at a young age to inculcate sense of civic duties,
  • To award prizes and
  • Any other objectives determined by the Board.

Social objectives

  • To provide a Center for its members to worship, to socialize and to perform useful services.
  • To provide physical facilities (which shall include but not be limited to assembly halls, dining halls, playgrounds and other related facilities) to meet social, cultural, educational and religious needs of its members.
  • To be a responsible organization in the community and.
  • Any other objectives determined by the Board.

Charitable objectives

  • To help any needy individual in time of crisis, and
  • To support humanitarian causes.